I’m Ishan, a designer, technologist, and an audiophile. I have recently graduated from the California College of the Arts with a masters degree in Interaction Design. Just before that, I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering.

In my journey, I became inclined towards this relationship between Humans and the things they interact with. Fascinated by the potential of those interactions to induce a change in humans and the world, I’m driven to design meaningful interactions for impactful experiences.

My technical background has made me fearless of grasping new tools and concepts, and practicing Interaction Design has instilled in me the value of Human-centric work. Understanding complex problems using Systems Thinking and prototyping ideas through multiple iterations fall essential to my workflow. Moreover, I value working, and therefore, learning across functions.

Looking for full-time opportunities to work in the space of Interaction Design - ishansain@cca.edu